The House

Neima Almarakby grew up in a family with a background of fashion and art. During her school time, she started to design her own clothes. Later she began to design clothes for her friends and neighbors. After graduation, Neima started to create turbans of different materials and shapes that were meant to match the clothes she design.

Since then, Neima got fascinated by making headpieces where she found her passion in creating artistic items that require creativity and high craftsmanship. In 1980, Neima created her first collection of 6 headpieces and started to display them in different retailers in Egypt. She found high demand on her designs that encouraged her to specialize in headgears as a niche market. Neima specialized in luxurious headwear products from traditional classic imamah to soft day turbans, berets, pillboxes, headbands, scarfs, and coifs. In 2000, Neima opened her first showroom in Heliopolis to start dealing directly with her clients.

From mother to daughters, Yasmin Ghoneim studied fashion and trained under her mother. Her sister Abeer Ghoneim studied Marketing at The American University in Cairo. Both sisters are working along with their mother to expand their business internationally. Their vision is to deliver the beauty, glamour, luxury, and elegance that every woman dreams of.